Greetings, fellow traveler. My name is Kate and I’ve caught the meditation bug. I have been meditating for the past two months, and I’m really enjoying myself. I happened to find an article about workers at the Pentagon that formed a club for regular meditations. As a service to fellow meditators, I thought I would write this blog in honor of them, and to help out anyone else wanting to learn about the many benefits of meditation.

I have always been someone who enjoyed doing yoga, however it never seems like I have the time to go to class when I would like. Because of this, I have been looking more into different forms of meditation and it is surprising at just how easy it can be to meditate just about anywhere. You just have to have all of the right tools and a clear state of mind.

When you are able to sit somewhere quiet and you have a great method for meditation, you have the ability to refocus, recharge and get on an even mindset that will allow you to take on your day. For a lot of people, meditation benefits will include the reduction of stress and the ability to cut back on the feeling of anxiety that can keep you from taking on your daily tasks.

The wonderful thing about meditation is that you do not have one set way that you have to do it. You can tailor your meditation to your needs and your given situation. Just a little bit of meditation each day can foster health, wellness, a happy brain and even a healthier immune system. I really do recommend it for anyone who is looking for a change for the better in their lifestyle.