I thought I knew the meditation benefits that the practice of being still and quieting the mind would provide, but to actually live them is to truly learn them and love them. I attend a yoga studio regularly that features meditations before and after each practice and class, but it is nowhere near as powerful as meditating by yourself in privacy and comfort.

I was first drawn to it not for any spiritual reasons I am afraid to admit. The truth is, my blood pressure was dangerously high and I was willing to do anything and everything I could to get it down.

Medication is a no-go for me, due to bleeding issues. I did not want a nosebleed to kill me, as one almost did last summer. I read online a list of non-medication ways to get blood pressure down, and meditation was one of them. So I started.

My personal meditation benefits have gone far past getting my blood pressure down. My anxiety is no longer the animal it once was, and people around me tell me that I smile a lot more often than I used to.

My wife is actually unsure who I am now. 🙂